The STABLECOIN INDEX, LP uses a  rules-based investment process to strategically diversify partnership capital across a basket of cryptocurrency tokens that are specially designed to have a 1:1 corresponding investment in US Dollars, known as “stablecoins.”

By the Numbers

Strategy Overview

At a Glance

The STABLECOIN INDEX, LP strategically engages in income generating activities on behalf of its Limited Partners when market conditions are viewed as favorable by the Partnership’s investment Advisor. Income generated is distributed quarterly if elected or is otherwise reinvested in the account of the Limited Partner.  

Strategy Overview

Investment Process

5 - 10 Regulated Stablecoins

Partnership assets are equally weighted and invested across a basket of regulated US dollar-tracking stablecoins.

G-20 Member Nation Stablecoin Requirement

Only stablecoins with regulators within G-20 member countries will be considered for inclusion.