Digital Asset Consulting

Sarson Funds consulting offers a service at the intersection of blockchain and Wall Street. We help traditional firms with digital asset solutions and help bring crypto projects to Wall Street.

Crypto Projects

Attracting professional investors and gaining Wall Street recognition is critical for many crypto projects. We have a proven track record in marketing augmentation, token launches, and NFT project consultation.

Traditional Firms

How can your company participate in the blockchain and digital asset revolution? We can help your firm navigate this emergent space - from balance sheet considerations, business solutions, NFT projects, and more.

Tailored Solutions

The blockchain space is diverse and rapidly evolving. So we offer tailored solutions to projects, companies, and individuals looking to consider how digital assets can work for them.

Experienced Crypto Experts

We provide an enterprise-grade experience that’s backed by a versatile team of established cryptocurrency and digital asset experts.

“Everything will be tokenized and connected by a blockchain one day." - Fred Ehrsam

When cryptography firm Crown Sterling sought to deliver their CSOV token to market and exchange listings, they worked with Sarson Funds.

Crown Sterling - CSOV

Happy Clients

Sarson Funds worked with the team at Popcorn Network to help bring their intersection of DeFi and ESG to Wall Street.

Popcorn Network

When Montreal-based apparel and luggage firm Bugatti Group wanted to use blockchain to power their customer experience, they turned to Sarson Funds.

Bugatti Group

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