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Jahon Jamali explains Facebook's Libra coin and its change to digital markets, narrowing the field to Tezos or Ethereum.

Yahoo! Finance

As markets fall, financial advisors seek cryptocurrency regulatory clarity amid crypto-lobby in-fighting.


John Sarson discusses Bitcoin's rebound from a 3-month low in volatile trading.


Watch: John Sarson talks with CNBC about cryptocurrency managers embracing regulation.

Money Life

John Sarson explains how "the internet & cryptocurrency go together like peanut butter & jelly."

Zero Hedge

In an article, Bitcoin and Metcalfe's Law, Sarson Funds Manager ETF Momentum Investing acknowledges the challenges of valuing Bitcoin and has also turned to Metcalfe's Law.

Bloomberg Radio

Listen as John Sarson and Carol Masser discuss the different use cases for different cryptocurrencies on Bloomberg Radio.

Sarson Funds: Financial Advisor Magazine Appearance

FA Magazine: 3 Questions with the Portfolio Manager

The "tokenization" of assets is going to change the way assets are sold and owned around the world and it's starting with real estate.

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