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John Sarson is the CEO of Sarson Funds

John Sarson

CEO & Cofounder

John leads the firm, bringing 20 years of Wall Street investment experience to his role as CEO. In 2016 John founded a Registered Investment Advisory before founding fully crypto-focused Sarson Funds in 2018. John is a frequent guest commentator on various news outlets and is the co-author of “Deep Crypto: Discover the New Frontier of Financial Freedom” He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame.

Jahon Jamali is CMO of Sarson Funds

Jahon Jamali

CMO & Cofounder

In addition to his role as Chief Marketing Officer of Sarson Funds, Inc. Jahon also serves as CEO of web3 edtech platform American Crypto Academy (ACA).   ACA educates students around the world on crypto, web3 and blockchain while also pioneering standards for web3 credentials and certifications through its sponsorship of the Credential Standards Institute, a Swiss Association of various web3 industry leaders. Previously serving with the Department of Defense, Jahon is a frequent guest commentator on various news outlets and is the co-author of “Deep Crypto: Discover the New Frontier of Financial Freedom” He holds a BA and MA from Johns Hopkins and attended the Babson College Graduate School of Business. 

Brittany Keels is COO of Sarson Funds

Brittany Keels

Chief Operations Officer

Brittany brings over a decade of expertise in traditional finance to her role as Chief Operations Officer at Sarson Funds. The last 8 years of her career spent in digital assets she has demonstrated a deep commitment to financial innovation and operational excellence. Specializing in areas such as regulation, compliance, and operational efficiency, she is a trusted expert in her field. Her dedication to maintaining the highest standards of regulatory compliance and operational integrity has been instrumental in the success of the organizations she’s been a part of. Her extensive experience, combined with her leadership in operational roles, has made her a respected figure in the world of digital assets, and she continues to be a driving force behind Sarson Funds’ success.


Cindy Haering

Office Administrator

Cindy is a results-driven office administrator with a strong background in managing media campaigns, product design, and app/website development projects. Experienced in overseeing large-scale SEO and social media marketing campaigns. Her expertise in data analysis, reporting strategy, and search engine optimization will be great for Sarson Funds. She has a proven ability to manage deadlines while maintaining high-quality standards and accuracy. 


Zachary Profeta

Senior Portfolio Manager

Zachary is a Senior Portfolio Manager at Sarson Funds, where he has managed crypto hedge funds and venture capital investments since early 2021. An experienced cryptocurrency trader since 2016, Zachary contributes to Blockchain Insiders and has published extensively on Forbes Digital Assets and Digital Wealth News. With a background in Cyber Security and Data Analytics from Indiana University, he brings expertise in web3 and blockchain utility, decentralized networks like Helium, and decentralized AI systems. His proficiency in digital asset finance, smart contract risk assessment, and market analysis supports informed decision-making and strategic trading across all managed portfolios.



Evan LaMontagne

Portfolio Manger

Evan is an expert focused on the fields of NFTs, small cap coins, and blockchain gaming. As co-portfolio manager of the Small Coin Strategy Portfolio, and the Crypto and Income Strategy, he identifies and capitalizes on lesser-known cryptocurrencies with strong growth potential and he aims to enhance returns through innovative income-generating crypto investments as they emerge. In his work, Evan pays special attention to Solana-based applications and airdrop opportunities, leveraging emerging blockchain solutions to bolster portfolio performance. 

Ivan Dimov

Community Manager

Ivan is a widely recognized community specialist and trusted advisor in the realm of Web3 and digital assets. With a track record of establishing and overseeing numerous thriving communities, as well as orchestrating successful NFT project launches, Ivan brings a wealth of experience to his current role as Chief Marketing Officer at the American Crypto Academy. This marks his fourth venture in the startup world, where he continues to contribute to growth and innovation.

Matthew Jessup

AI & Blockchain Analyst

Matthew is a passionate Economics major who recently graduated from Wabash College. His focus is on developing a deep understanding of blockchains, cryptocurrency, market analysis, and data-driven insights to drive sustainable development and optimize processes. Matthew is fascinated by market dynamics and enjoys analyzing market trends, specifically in the realm of cryptocurrencies. He is particularly interested in the intersection of AI and blockchain technology, exploring how artificial intelligence can enhance blockchain applications and market strategies.

Allan Cheng​

Blockchain Analyst

Allan has been supporting the sales and marketing team for over 3.5 years, leveraging his analytical skills, team leadership, and crypto knowledge. He assists financial professionals in learning about digital asset investing and cryptocurrencies while tracking retail and institutional crypto adoption across Asia from his home in the Philippines. His mission is to deliver high-quality service and education to our clients and prospects, helping them understand and navigate the complex and evolving crypto landscape.