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US-Listed Cryptocurrencies

15% Target Annual Yield

$50k Minimum Investment

The Crypto & Income Strategy turns one of the biggest complaints about investing in cryptocurrency – volatility – into a useful feature: current income. The portfolio achieves this through the implementation of various income producing activities including  a “covered call” writing program covering a diversified basket of the largest cryptocurrencies trading on established US based exchanges.  The fund also utilizes Staking, Masternodes and other “on-chain” deployments of Partnership capital to generate income.  Portfolio income is distributed quarterly or can be reinvested into the Partnership.

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Qualified US-Listed Cryptocurrencies

The fund is designed to generate monthly income for investors while maintaining longs exposure to a diversified basket of cryptocurrencies, The fund generates income by selling rolling call options on qualified US-listed cryptocurrency holdings and by participating in staking and masternode opportunities unique to cryptocurrency markets.

Managed Volatility

Option premiums and cryptocurrency staking rewards can offer a boost to the total returns earned by cryptocurrency investors in down or sideways markets.