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Partner Program Designed for Financial Professionals

Sarson Funds offers a variety of ways for Financial Advisors and Financial Professionals to partner in cryptocurrency training and investment solutions. 

Ways to Partner


Investors can search our directory of cryptocurrency financial advisors near them. Advisors, claim your listing. 

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Whether for Continuing Education or Compliance, Get Your Team Trained.

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Showcase Investment Solutions on Our Platform

Highlighting Private Placements from Best-in-Class Managers.

Join the first digital asset investment community designed for financial advisors.

Whether for yourself, a client, or to have handy in the office, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology education materials are designed specifically to help advisors and their clients understand their digital asset allocation options. 

Order Client Education Materials

Investor confidence comes from knowledge. Sarson Funds provides educational material free of charge to qualified investment advisory offices. Please fill out the inquiry form to get started. Each ordered item comes standard with 10 copies.