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Casper Association and Sarson Funds announce Casper Stablecoin, csprUSD, now live on Mainnet.

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Founded in 2018 with a focus on regulation, Sarson Funds operates in full compliance with US and international regulations.


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Transparent portfolios for Accredited Investors in both taxable and retirement accounts starting at just $50,000.


Venture Capital Funding

Wall Street and cryptocurrency investing find a common theme in venture capital. Sarson Funds research supports our VC partners.


Bitcoin and Ethereum Investing

Buying Bitcoin in the United States is a path towards diversification, limiting your exposure to inflationary dollar pressures.

Stay up to date on the latest research and insights from crypto's top fund managers.

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About Bitcoin Investing: Bitcoin and Large Coin Crypto Funds

Sarson Funds manages bitcoin investment strategies to maximize your yield and securely store your bitcoin. Access top-tier support with Sarson Funds. 

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About Ethereum Investing: Ethereum and AI Investment Funds

Cryptography and decentralized physical infrastructure networks are supercharging systems that deliver AI, cloud compute, self driving and more.

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VC investments in crypto & AI

Sarson Funds products diversify your assets & put venture capital to work for you.

Wall Street meets crypto:

Approaches that
offer you high-yield and
fast liquidity

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Diverse Crypto Funds

Benefit from funds that actively manage Bitcoin, crypto & AI investment strategies. Sarson Funds research is available to Hedge Funds, Family Offices, Advisors & Accredited Investors.

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Not everyone wants to place their own trades or pick a strategy until they learn about crypto. Our education network teaches you and your clients.

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