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Brittany Keels – Chief Operating Officer

Brittany Keels is COO of Sarson Funds

As Chief Operations Officer, Brittany focuses on guiding investors toward a safe and secure way of investing in cryptocurrency (digital assets) while showcasing the benefits in investing in cryptocurrencies through a limited partnership.

She leads the company in operations and compliance in both an RIA and limited partnership capacity, ensuring each level of the business remains compliant while maintaining operational consistency across all lines of business. In addition, Brittany manages human resources, from onboarding team members to developing processes and establishing Employee Manuals, Policies, etc.

Brittany’s compliance policies include focusing on key controls relative to document completion, finances, record-keeping, scheduled and surprise audits, as well as key security controls and financials. She also oversees limited partner onboarding across multiple investment products, with an emphasis in under a 3-day timeframe per limited partner.

Her hobbies consist of traveling with family, with a focus led around “Delicious Destinations with Andrew Zimmerman.” In addition to traveling, she is an avid Ohio State college football fan.

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