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Aurory: Turn-Based Japanese RPG Meets Blockchain


Turn-based combat systems in Japanese RPGs (JRPGs) are one of the oldest traditional and more tactical means of performing combat in the genre.  Final Fantasy and Pokemon are just two examples of traditional games that utilize the turn-based battle style where players to choose their next move by taking turns.  Aurory is the blockchain game gaining popularity built with the same type of combat. 

Aurory is a 2D Play-to-Earn blockchain game set in a “retro-futuristic universe.” Players can explore Aurory in its split planes, Antik and Tokané. Antik is a broken world ruled by wealth and power while Tokané is a colorful and flourishing world full of equally distributed beautiful lifeforms. Players will explore these worlds to discover relics, complete quests, defeat enemies, and battle other players using collectible Nefty creatures for rewards. Nefties are creatures found in their homeland, Tokané. Little is known about them besides their possession of magical abilities to protect themselves from danger.

Aurory will be playable via PC and the Solana Saga Mobile. It will be a side-scrolling video game with PvE and PvP modes. Nefties will be essential for players in the PvP mode to collect and attempt to acquire the best teams of three and fight other players in what seems to be a crossover of a Pokémon/chess formatted battleground. Players will have to train them to adapt and form new strategies in order to save these endangered planes (and level up for higher rewards). In PvE mode, players will follow the adventure of Sam and Helios. Sam is an Aurorian from the tainted Antik world and is brought to Tokané by Helios, a knowledgeable Nefty, to help him save Tokané.

$AURY is the “multi-utility ecosystem” token which can be used in-game and on the marketplace. It will be required for hatching Nefty eggs, getting access to PvP mode through staking methods, purchasing NFTs, and staking/yields for passive income; Stakers will also be part of the Governance community. The NFT collections players can purchase with $AURY on the Aurory Marketplace are the Aurorians, Nefties, Nefty eggs, Land NFTs, and in-game items/skins. Users can also purchase these NFTs via second markets such as MagicEden and OpenSea.

The story line in PvE Mode is unique as it’s based on real historical blockchain events making it an educational thematic play-to-earn game.

Aurory is currently in a live PvP closed alpha, announced May 27th on their twitter page.

Project Facts

  • Last year in October 2021, Aurory raised over $108 million in their IDO with investors, Animoca Brands, Solana Ventures, Alameda research, Genblock Capital, Zee Prime Capital, and CMS Holdings.
  • Aurory consists of more than 50 members on their team with multiple years of experience in the gaming environment including names such as Gameloft, EA, Ubisoft, Warner Bros, and many others.
  • Aurory is built on the Solana blockchain and also works with Serum DEX.

Written by Jennifer Mongan

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