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Binamon: The First Step Into A New Gaming Frontier

Binamon success opens up innovation in blockchain gaming.

Adding to the quickly growing “play to earn” movement, Binamon released its first play-to-earn game in August 2021. Partnered with Binance Smart Chain, Binamon is a complete NFT metaverse game where players can earn income in six different ways through collecting, trading, staking, farming, battling, and playing with their unique NFT monsters.  The creators have also announced the release of an adventure mode coming into effect with multiplayer capabilities powered by Unreal Engine and in time the team plans to integrate VR and AI technology changing the gaming landscape even more.

Binamon has three different tokens in the gameplay. The BNRG token is the energy token used for evolution of the Binamon creatures, enabling them to become more powerful. More powerful creatures increase the chances of the player to win unique items and earn higher rewards.  BMON is their main token which is needed for the creation of all monsters in the Binamon metaverse.  BMON is also hyper-deflationary which means it aims to preserve the wealth of BMON holders. Binamon limited the number of monsters that can be created which helps to guard again inflation of the token. 

What happens when the total supply of BMON is burned? According to lore, in the creation of the Binaverse, there was a great explosion in which significant amounts of BMON impacted different planets and mutated. One of the newly discovered and “hostile” planets created, was the planet Crypton.  The mutated version of BMON called BMON-Z1 is essential in the creation of the mutated creatures within the new planet Crypton. This token will be the resolution to survival and success for players and the key to eliminate chances of over-buying and over-burning BMON.

The creators of Binamon, TB Labs built upon their success with the success of their first play to earn blockchain game by announcing the release of Tango Chain, the first blockchain 100% specialized in games designed by gamers. It is based off the Android operating system and will feature an integrated crypto wallet with a fingerprint approved payment method. It will also include a wide range of games, giving players the opportunity to explore multiple different metaverse platforms. Tango Chains native token AGO will be capable of staking and collecting rewards, paying gas fees between smart contracts, and performing cross-chain operations such as transferring token assets across TANGO and BSC. It will also be fully compatible with Ether and ERC-20 tokens within the Ethereum blockchain while keeping transaction costs to a bare minimum.

Taking innovation one step further, the Tango Chain initiative includes the building and introduction of the first handheld blockchain gaming console in to the metaverse, made possible by their partnership with DEXT Force and Huawei Cloud.  Where there’s blockchain, there’s unending possibilities. Welcome to the new frontier of gaming!

Written by Jennifer Mongan

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