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Bitcoin Rises Sharply Ahead of the First Rate Cut in Its Existence

Dear Valued Investors,

Bitcoin, often lauded for its potential to bank the unbanked, facilitate seamless international remittances, and reduce fees and transaction times, holds a value proposition that transcends these advantages. Its true essence lies in a fundamental protest against the unchecked printing of money.

Governments worldwide have, under the banner of economic growth stimulation, engaged in Keynesian excesses that have devalued currencies and eroded the savings of their citizens. The consequences of these actions are too often ignored. Consequently, our global economic system has evolved into an undisciplined Keynesian dystopia. Bitcoin’s soaring price serves as a stark indicator of this systemic dysfunction.

As a globally traded commodity, Bitcoin is poised to thrive in response to a weakening USD, driving its prices higher, even without increased demand. Furthermore, any renewed implementation of easy monetary policies is expected to enhance the demand for Bitcoin, sought after for its role as a disinflationary safe haven. This trend parallels the appeal of traditional assets like Gold and Real Estate in such scenarios.

Anthony Pompliano, a respected figure in our industry and a thought leader at Morgan Creek, aptly captured this sentiment with his tweet: “They don’t realize that they’re giving Bitcoin the rocket fuel it was built to consume.”

Should you or your clients seek assistance in investing in an asset class designed to shield against reckless money printing, we are at your service. At Sarson Funds, we bring Wall Street standards of transparency, diversification, and risk management to cryptocurrency investing.

We understand the importance of investor education, and we provide financial advisors with impartial, client-centric educational resources on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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