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Bloktopia: A Decentralized Metaverse

The word “metaverse” is everywhere these days, and everyone wants a piece of it. Think “Time’s Square” meets virtual reality with quick pace, high energy, attractive real estate, fun events, and ad space. From real estate ownership and development, event hosting, education, and ad displays, Bloktopia is the virtual reality answer to Time’s Square.

Bloktopia is a decentralized metaverse, “built and backed” by Polygon. Whether an individual has years of experience in the crypto space or none, this metaverse was created to be a central hub for Individuals to come together as a community. You will have the opportunity to learn more about crypto and become involved in the space no matter the users experience level. Bloktopia will be a VR enabled blockchain operated metaverse in the setting of a Skyscraper made up of 21 levels.

The creators behind Bloktopia are qualified with years of experience in marketing, film, commercial, and crypto itself. Simon Benson, currently CTO of Bloktopia, was the former Director of Sony’s Immersive Technology Group. He is the co-founder of the PlayStation VR project and has 25 years’ experience in immersive development. Bloktopia has caught the attention of many and is still in early stages of development. The teams’ vision for this project is progressive and well strategized. They plan to “facilitate global mass adoption of crypto”, making it easier for the standard person to have a grasp on the logistics of cryptocurrency.

As of February 28th, Bloktopia released their Alpha version located on the first floor of the virtual skyscraper with a minigame called BCubes. Users have been selected and participation has begun. This version will be one of many releases, each growing and becoming better based off the community’s feedback.

Read on for more information about game play.

There are four principals Bloktopia has decided to focus on and offer in this metaverse.

  • Learn – A very important aspect of this metaverse is its position as a central hub, allowing users to learn more about crypto and the bridge to the metaverse in a friendly space. Users will be able to gain a better understanding of a decentralized platform for a better approach toward NFTs, crypto, and even virtual reality (VR). Players will have to create a Bloktopia wallet to enter this metaverse. This wallet will support multiple blockchains including BTC, ETH, BSC, and many others. Users will need this wallet to hold $BLOK, the utility token for Bloktopia. It will also allow users to store and view ERC 1155 NFT’s.
  • Earn – Holders of $BLOK will be known as Bloktopians. These individuals can earn passive income and stake their holdings. Bloktopia will have a native marketplace after the initial launch of the IDO. Within this marketplace, Bloktopians will be able to buy, sell, and lease real estate. Investors will also be able to advertise their products and brands throughout the metaverse. There will be interoperability of multiple different brands. Animoca Brands, followed by Jake Paul and Geoffrey Woo’s Investment fund, Anti Fund are investors in Bloktopia. Polygon and Avalanche have invested as well while more recent partnership announcements include Gamerse and Contentos, which are both cross-chain platforms.
  • Play – Bloktopia will be a place where friends can entertain each other and create connections. This metaverse will be capable of third and first-person view with multiplayer capabilities. Each level in this VR skyscraper will include different games and experiences. These different games will be launched through Bloktopias personal Launchpad called, Blokpad.
  • Create – Players will be able to create their own avatar and spawn right outside of the skyscraper. Players will be able to create their own social games, artwork, and events. Users will have access to builder tools for these creations.

Written by Jenny Mongan

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