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CasperLabs Unites the World with Release of Casper Network

CasperLabs’ Casper Network is a proof-of-stake public blockchain platform that is said to bring Ethereum 3.0 capabilities to the crypto ecosystem with advanced scalability, decentralization, and security integrations. Led by former Microsoft, Google, and Adobe executives, CasperLabs aims to be the future of blockchain technology as their network is designed to support increasing technological advancements while hedging against heightening risks associated with blockchain technology. In preparation for their Q1 2021 release of the Casper Network, CasperLabs has announced that it has completed its’ $14m private token sale.

The Casper Network aims to take Defi to the next level through greater cost effectiveness, upgradability, ease of access and technological support for developers. One of the main complaints about digital asset investing is the high transaction fees associated with each transaction. On the Casper Network, users no longer have to hesitate before transacting, as the network makes transaction fees more affordable and less volatile. Additionally, Casper brings versatility to their platform, with no barriers to public network development or upgradability as they attempt to unite the world of blockchain developers to build the network of the future, together.

As the security of blockchain technology continues to be tested with further developments of quantum computing, CasperLabs is one step ahead as they unite the world in building the infrastructure needed to support the future of the crypto ecosystem.

By Liam McDonald

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