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Crown Sovereign, Now Trading Live on Exchange

CSOV Exchange

Crown Sterling’s quantum-resistant cryptocurrency, the Crown Sovereign (CSOV), is now trading live on Exchange, making it the first listing on the rebranded Exchange.

While Crown Sterling initially planned to release the Crown Sovereign on the Exchange, the rebranding to FMFW, which stands for “Free the Money, Free the World,” emphasizes Crown Sovereign’s mission to empower digital sovereignty, protection and control in the digital age.

The Crown Sovereign Token (CSOV) is the brainchild of the mathematician team at Crown Sterling, a cryptography and digital asset solutions provider. The Crown Sovereign’s resilience to encryption vulnerabilities presented by quantum computers makes it unique, ensuring future-proof protection of user data and token value. CSOV exists as a means to enable token holders to pay for the secure transmission of their data with each token transaction on the Crown Sterling Wallet, Crown Sterling’s native data transfer and messaging application.

With data emerging as the most valuable asset of the digital age, the CSOV serves as a tool that will enable individuals to protect, control and monetize their data in an era of largely unregulated big tech vulnerability and monopolization.

In June, Crown Sterling established the “Data Bill of Rights,” which has been engrained into the genesis block of the Crown Sterling chain. The Data Bill of Rights declares digital assets to be the intangible personal property of original producers (internet users) under existing property laws and protections.

“As individual privacy continues to deteriorate, we are thrilled to have engineered a quantum-resistant digital asset, the Crown Sovereign (CSOV), in an effort to preserve and protect people’s right to control their own data and the value it holds… privacy and trust is eroding as big tech companies continue to capture, control and commoditize our personal behavior and information. With CSOV, token holders are invited to take part in the future of data protection as the crypto ecosystem and quantum capabilities unfold,” said Robert Grant, CEO and Co-Founder of Crown Sterling.

For more on Crown Sterling, the Crown Sovereign, and data sovereignty technology, please visit and read the CSOV Lite Paper.


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