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Crown Sterling Announces First Amendment to Data Bill of Rights Focused on Freedom of Speech

Crown Sterling First Amendment to Data Bill of Rights

Crown Sterling, a pioneer of personal data sovereignty technologies, has announced a first amendment to its Data Bill of Rights. The Data Bill of Rights, which is inscribed on the genesis block of the Crown Sterling Chain, proclaims digital assets to be the intangible personal property of consumers (known as “original producers”), and therefore should be protected under existing laws and protections as personal or intellectual property.

As the global community revisits the definition of sovereignty and navigates the boundaries of social media censorship, the first amendment states, “Freedom of speech, in all of its forms, is a foundational pillar of human liberty; and therefore is an unequivocal human right that must be upheld regardless of race, color, gender, religion or national origin.”

“I strongly believe in the freedom of speech, and I am frankly alarmed at the assault upon free speech and individual rights and freedoms currently happening both in social media and across society at present. I feel that if we do not do something soon to arrest this situation, we are at a real risk of severe global instability through technocratic control,” said Crown Sterling Founder and CEO Robert Grant.

Since the early stages of the internet, online communication has revolutionized search engines, social media, and e-commerce, allowing consumer data to be unintentionally and freely relinquished by consumers, often to companies that had previously paid for or requested that information from centralized data storage centers. Crown Sterling believes these digital assets are regarded as “intangible property” and should be subject to the same regulations that govern property law rather than privacy law.

“Data sovereignty is something that we’re all very passionate about – something that for each of us means freedom of speech, your right to have control over your own data, and ownership of your own data. The world is changing so fast, we want to make sure that we have a voice in this paradigm shift,” added Grant.

Sarson Funds’ mission is to educate digital asset investors on the most pertinent information regarding digital assets, and believes that investors worldwide must awaken to their rightful ownership of the data they produce. All internet users are the original producers of the data they create, and this data should be protected under existing laws and protections of personal and intellectual property as digital assets. We emphasize Crown Sterling’s effort to return data ownership back to its original producers and restore personal sovereignty to the internet.



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