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Crown Sterling: Crypto Encryption’s Quantum-Resistant Solution

Over the past few months, we have focused much of our research efforts toward understanding what drives the value of digital assets. Through several months of deep dives, we’ve determined that the underlying value of digital assets is dependent on data security. As we express in our Cryptography Lite Paper and Digital Asset Investor Guide to Cryptography, the next great digital asset investment opportunity lies within the engineering of future-proof encryption solutions that ensure the value protection of the crypto ecosystem.

With the advent of quantum computing, the outdated encryption algorithms that global government, corporate, and financial data rest on are experiencing increasing vulnerability. As cryptography experts have known for years, the only truly unbreakable encryption solution is the one-time pad, for which practical use cases had previously been undiscovered, until now. Led by entrepreneur, mathematician, and cryptographer Robert Grant, Crown Sterling has discovered and released an encryption solution that efficiently harnesses the security of one-time pads for practical, everyday use. This solution, CrownEncryptOTP, assures future-proof data security even with the continued development of quantum computing, making for what we believe to be the most robust digital asset encryption advancement to date.

Alongside CrownEncryptOTP, Crown Sterling has launched the Crown Sterling token, the world’s first quantum-resistant digital asset. The Crown Sterling coin is a cryptocurrency that embraces the power of CrownEncryptOTP to ensure the timeless protection and value of users’ sensitive data. With one thousand payments per token, users pay for the secure transmission of their data at the market price of three cents per transaction. With this functionality, the Crown Sterling coin shows the digital asset community a clear pathway to a future of indisputable value protection.

As we have committed ourselves to pioneering a future of greater financial freedom, we are cognizant of big tech’s firming grip on society and see it as our duty to empower the world to protect their personal freedom as the line between data sovereignty and self-sovereignty becomes increasingly blurred. With the release of their breakthrough technology, Crown Sterling is paving the way for a future where data control is irrevocably granted to individuals themselves, bridging the gap between data and self-sovereignty to return true autonomy to individuals.

Providing only the best-in-class education and investment advice for our community, we encourage you to visit to learn more about the cutting-edge momentum of the Crown Sterling team and become an early-stage investor in the future of digital assets with the Crown Sterling Token, here:

By Liam McDonald

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