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Crown Sterling Founder, Robert Grant, on Sarson Funds AMA

Robert Grant live

On September 8th, 2021, Sarson Funds Chief Marketing Officer Jahon Jamali welcomed Robert Grant, Chairman and Founder of Crown Sterling, to the Sarson Funds AMA on YouTube. 

Crown Sterling is a cutting-edge cryptography provider and engineer of quantum-resistant cryptocurrency, the Crown Sovereign. Crown Sterling’s launch of their quantum-resistant encryption solution, CrownEncryptOTP, marks a major milestone for the encryption community, especially as the rise of quantum computing poses significant risks to widely used methods of data encryption.

As the digital age unfolds, Crown Sterling’s encryption solution and digital asset seek to shape the future of data control, putting data ownership back in the hands of original creators versus big tech. According to Grant, “Data is the intangible personal property of the original producer and therefore it’s protected by the US constitution, the United Nations Charter, and the European Union. Ownership is a basic human right.” In order to raise awareness about data’s inclusion as the intangible property of original producers, Crown Sterling authored the Data Bill of Rights, which is engrained into the genesis block of the Crown Sterling blockchain. 

Under Crown Sterling’s leadership, a new era of personal sovereignty is dawning as the digital age commences. Individuals are awakening to their sovereignty and power to control, distribute, and monetize their data, just as big tech does behind many of the freemium business models of digital commerce sites, social media communities, and search engines. Through the Crown Sovereign digital asset and blockchain, users are empowered to own, control and protect their data just like their tangible personal property.

This conversation spanned from data sovereignty, big tech ethics, traditional government structures and the nation-state system, and how the crypto ecosystem provides alternative solutions to each of these topics. 

A recording of the AMA is available on the Sarson Funds YouTube, here.

For more on Crown Sterling and their work to empower personal data sovereignty, please visit

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