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Delysium: AAA On-Chain Open-World Plus AI Game

Written by Jenny Mongan, Blockchain gamer, Sarson Funds

Delysium: A Strong Contender at the GAM3 Awards

With similar characteristics to the popular games Cyberpunk and Apex Legends, this upcoming free-to-play game set in an AI – powered open world is among the list of nominees for this year’s GAM3 Awards. Delysium has high chances to win Best Shooter Game of the Year with its beautiful graphics and gameplay mechanics. Currently in Alpha and its first season, Delysium’s subscription users have exceeded over 21,000 thanks to a large number of partners and operators contributing to content and game development. 

Immersive Web3 Gaming Experience

This immersive web3 game will include AI-powered MetaBeings with complete neural brain systems that drive their lives in the virtual world. They are the natives in this virtual world, granted with private property rights meaning they can acquire and hold their own property, earn their own income by contributing to gameplay, and thereby providing players a great gaming experience. 

Diverse Gameplay Options

Along with its visually tasteful surroundings and AI generated foundations, Delysium players have a choice to experience multiple different game modes. Users with whitelist access to its Alpha phase are currently able to play its main PvP Battle Royale. Further along in the development roadmap, those whitelisted will be able to play an MMO mode and along with additional user-generated content. Gameplay modes will also be branched in these categories. Battle royale users will have the option to choose between a free casual experience or a paid experience which provides reward opportunities. Players also have the option to play an Arena Royale which also comes with an entry fee. 

Unlocking Paid Experiences with DMOs

The paid experiences will be accessible via a token set by Delysium Multiverse Operators(DMO). These DMOs are an extension to the development team helping create the games highly diverse and unique experiences for other players to enjoy this metaverse. A DMO operates the various universes inside this metaverse, it can customize distribution rules, and issue on-chain incentives based on players behaviors and performance data in-game such as fungible tokens and non-fungible tokens(NFT’s). 

Exploring Delysium’s Tokenomics

When it comes to tokenomics, $DES tokens will be used as the core loyalty and ecosystem engagement layer to incentivize the Delysium community. The native DES tokens will be built on Ethereum with a total fixed supply of 3 billion tokens and a targeted emission schedule of approximately 4 years. The community will be given staking opportunities with the native token as well. This includes the Delysium Multiverse Accelerator (DMA) which will be an ‘Efficiency-oriented governance and voting mechanism’ providing higher staking rewards and ecosystem incentives. 

Accessible Gaming Across Platforms

Delysium is currently available to download through the games launcher on their website via Windows 10 PC and will follow later with plans for mobile/VR support.

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