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Dodo Dex: Stablecoin Liquidity Provides Greater Returns with Lower Risk

Sarson Funds: Dodo Dex Provides Better Returns and Lower Risk- Cryptocurrency Financial Advisor

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Dodo is a new decentralized exchange (dex) and on-chain liquidity provider for yield farmers. Dodo enables farmers to engage in single-side liquidity instead of providing a 50-50 liquidity split between two tokens, the common requirement of decentralized automated market makers like Uniswap.

An interesting feature of Dodo is that it gives the option to pair Defi coins like Aave, YFI, and SNX with USDC, a stablecoin, which is not a function frequently offered by competing decentralized exchanges. Below, find a picture of the Dodo dex pool offerings.

Dodo Decentralized Exchange Sarson Funds


The pairing of Dodo’s pools with the USDC stablecoin differentiates the platform from other dexes as it experiences half the normal volatility and provides higher risk-adjusted returns due to the lower risk of impermanent loss.

In summary, if one is looking for a new Defi yield farming opportunity with less volatility, single side liquidity, and greater risk adjusted returns, then Dodo is the place to look.

By Jacob Stelter



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