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Enterprise Ethereum Alliance: Winner Taking All

At Sarson Funds we have taken up the mantle on educating Financial Advisors on what we believe is shaping up to be a seismic shift in global financial infrastructure (from which the United States is neither exempt nor primary based on the current trajectory).

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin may serve as easy punching bags for critics; however, the rapid adoption of standardized blockchain technology solutions, specifically Ethereum based solutions, are changing the conversation.  Now the conversation is not a question of if  this transformation will take place, but when.

The accelerated growth of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance underscores the reality that multinational companies are staffing their R&D departments with blockchain technology analysts and are joining forces in the name of efficiency.

If you haven’t done a deep dive on the Ethereum blockchain and what its massive applications can be, give us a call. We would love to share with you why we allocate to Ethereum for our clients and how accredited investors have a unique opportunity to make significant additional return on a passive Ethereum investment by taking advantage of US exchange arbitrage opportunities.

Ask us how! ($250K minimum investment amount; 1 year minimum holding period)


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