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Harvest: Third-Person Shooter Web3 Game of The Year

Recently, The Harvest was chosen as a GAM3 nominee for best web3 Game of the Year. Currently in a closed Beta, The Harvest is promised to be a true high-end AAA third-person shooter with MOBA mechanics. The art style of this multiplayer game offers a vibrant and beautiful landscape to explore and strategize. With added blockchain mechanics, The Harvest has partnered with names such as Binance, Solana, Fractal, and many others. 

Players get to fight alongside their teammates in order to be the first to harvest the most essence in order to be the victor; this is the objective. In the beginning, players, heroes that have been selected as the chosen ones, will arrive at the planet, O’Ree-Jin, on their spaceship. This planet resides in the depths of the universe containing remains of advanced civilizations and a precious substance known as, blood of the God, or the essence of life.  With four teams of three, each player will represent a battle unit with different tasks that allow them to level up during battle. 

  • Capturing neutral harvesting points after killing defending NPC’s
  • Defending captured harvesting point with allied NPC’s
  • Attacking enemy’s harvesting point
  • Defeating NPC’s and providing team bonus
  • Killing enemy players and reviving team players

With multiple different types of game mechanics, gameplay is mainly focused on team-play, mobility, and abilities. In-game matches are time-boxed to 10 minutes and are based on elimination ladders. Heroes also come with cards(NFT’s) that hone their unique abilities and battle dynamics with opportunities to advance. 

Creators of The Harvest have a goal to create a long-lasting economy for their community. Yet to be launched, the project’s future governance token $HAR (HARvest) will give users the opportunity to have an opinion on the growth and evolution of the game. Players will be capable of earning $HAR through a level-up system or special awards in-game. NFTs of the game will only be purchased with $HAR. There will be staking opportunities as well, with the chance of players to gain EOL (Essence Of Life), the soft currency which is beneficial towards the in-game cards (NFT), to become more powerful. Users will begin with a default set of cards allowing them to start playing for free. Other NFT cards will be available to purchase in order to improve their decks as well. Users may acquire regular mystery boxes or singular ability cards from Fractal’s NFT marketplace while Legendary Mystery Boxes are available on Fractal and Binance NFT. Future NFT’s will be released in a seasonal sense. 

Early access is available on Steam and will launch soon on Elixir Gaming. 

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