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Metaverse and Gaming: Spider Tank

Metaverse and Gaming: Spider TankBack in early 2021 Gala Games announced the integration of the Spider Tank Project to join its Ecosystem and since then has been one of the most anticipated Web3 games to be released. Over the course of time, Spider Tanks has hosted exciting Events and tournaments allowing participants to get an inside look at the game to come. Well known artist, Snoop Dog had even collaborated with Gala creating NFTs for this project. With all the excitement that has followed these events, the big launch date finally passed, allowing users to plug in and begin their battles. The new web3 Esport Brawler launched Monday, October 31st and hype for the new game has yet to settle. 

October 30th, Galas Market went up by nearly 30% in the excitement of Spider Tanks game Launch and with it the listing of its game token, $SILK. The game token itself, since the beginning of trading (Oct. 31st), has gone up more than 120% as of time of writing. $SILK, the official reward token for Spider tanks, is an ERC-20 token which can be acquired by involving oneself in the ecosystem through gameplay, winning games, and other ecosystem products. It is currently tradable on Bitrue and Uniswap(V3). Users may obtain Node operators as well in order to scale the network and distribute workload while earning $SILK rewards. 

This PvP multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) was designed and developed by the award-winning gaming studio, GAMEDIA. Located in the Netherlands and founded in 2007 with various #1 chart positions, GAMEDIA states that it consists of highly experienced and qualified professionals with a broad range of knowledge and skills to offer different gaming products. GALA, one of the most well-known web3 blockchain platforms today, is the publisher. 

Users are able to play Spider Tanks on PC and MAC. Spider Tanks play-and-earn mechanics revolve around skill-based tactical competition, resource collection, and a player-driven upgrade cycle. Users are able to purchase fully tradable NFTs in the Spider Tanks store with advantages to upgrades, rarity head starts, and more. These NFT items span from weapons, tanks, bodies, skins, props and much more. These items can also be found on Gala games store and OpenSea. With multiple different arena maps to pick from, this brawler offers different game modes with different objectives, such as:

  • Team Deathmatch – brawl style match where the team with the most kills and skills get the victory.
  • Capture the Chicken – the player’s team goal is to capture the greatest number of moving chickens as possible.
  • Capture the Flag – with one flag to claim, whichever team holds it in their position the longest is the winner.

Following this Launch and token release, Gala also announced the release of its own blockchain, GYRI. In recent months, Gala’s ecosystem has expanded past just games. Gala has now entered into the music and film industry and believes itself to be large enough that building their own blockchain will be beneficial to itself and its users. Still in the works, but coming soon, Gala eventually will migrate to its own blockchain.

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