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Build Your Own Coin: How to Create a Bitcoin Cash SLP Token

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The wallet is a premier web wallet for Bitcoin Cash. This wallet is unique because it can create Simple Ledger Protocol Tokens (SLP tokens) for a fraction of a penny without the hassle of dealing with complicated wallet GUIs that are common in cryptocurrency wallets. SLP tokens are tokens built on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, similar to ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum. Below, see a quick tutorial on how to create an SLP token from the wallet.

SLP Token Creation Tutorial

  1. Go to, click “configure,” and then click seed phrase (mnemonic). Write down your seed phrase.

  1. Fund your wallet with a small amount of BCH, so you can create an SLP token (please do not send to this address- use your own wallet).

  1. Click create and fill out the token information including optional choices on fixed supply, token icon, whitepaper and token website.

  1. Click Create Token.

  1. You are done! You just created an SLP token on the BCH blockchain for a fraction of a penny.

Special Prize: I have sent 2 analyst note tokens to a specific SLP address and paid a BCH dividend of $1.

First person to claim the prize gets the 2 analyst tokens and $1 of BCH since I am attaching the public address and private key below.

Public Address:  qr03tzwdvnh3gyckuuwq0ucunr58em7wz5vctq9emg

Private Key: Ky5ppoE4Xs12pBWAFR4L89ZxTNfKTnv4Dy7A3UeFXmpiEU6PLkNt

By Jacob Stelter



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