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Our Accredited Crypto Advisor Certification Program Begins Today!

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Financial Advisors, not only is it your time to shine, but it’s time to declare you the “crypto heroes” you are meant to be! Sarson Funds aims to educate all financial advisors about digital assets through its accredited certification program to make you a certified Crypto Advisor. The first session of an eight-part series begins today

Accredited by the Investments and Wealth Institute and in partnership with Digital Wealth News, Sarson Funds wants to empower financial advisors to be “crypto heroes” to millions of American investors who have otherwise been detached from the accelerated growth of digital assets.

The eight-part certification program will occur bi-weekly, beginning today and coming to completion on December 19th, 2021.  When the program is completed, each attending financial advisor will not only earn CE credits, but will also receive a certification as a crypto advisor from Sarson Funds, awarded in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT), an industry first. Can’t attend a session on the exact air date or time? Don’t worry, the series will be recorded and uploaded to allow aspiring crypto advisors to complete their certification whenever they would like.

Sarson funds has been serving the Financial Professional community and their clients for several years, providing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology education services and investment solutions. It is time to share the depth of our expertise with the rest of the financial community through our proprietary crypto advisor education program.

There is still time to join the first series. Contact us today or click here to learn more and register.  

As always, please follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for the latest developments in the crypto space.


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