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PolitiFi Tokens: The New Wave of On-Chain Political Action

Political Crypto Projects Set to Disrupt Two-Party System
“Political meme tokens like $RFKJ, $TRUMP and $BODEN are evolving into a disruptive political force with independent candidates eyeing a new pathway to participation.”

Meme tokens have become a significant part of the crypto conversation alongside Bitcoin, with many outperforming other areas of the crypto market. A new category within this sector, PolitiFi tokens, is emerging as a powerful tool for on-chain political action. With a total market cap nearing $500 million, this sector has drawn the attention of institutional and alternative investment managers.

According to Jahon Jamali, co-founder of Sarson Funds, PolitiFi tokens are akin to “lightning in a bottle” for political action. He draws parallels between these tokens and the political cartoons of Thomas Nast, whose work in the late 1800s helped to challenge corruption.

The Rise of PolitiFi Tokens

PolitiFi tokens have evolved into a spectrum of projects, ranging from satirical tokens like BODEN and TREMP to more serious projects with built-in revenue mechanisms that support political causes. Notable examples include MAGA Memecoin and RFKJ Independence Token, both of which apply a transaction fee to support the project and political causes.

The investment team at Sarson Funds, including CEO John Sarson, highlighted these emerging opportunities in their recent investor town hall meeting. They believe that PolitiFi tokens represent a new decentralized form of political action committee (PAC).

Key Players in the PolitiFi Space

One of the most prominent PolitiFi tokens is MAGA Memecoin, which has already donated over 400 ETH to various causes, including direct contributions to Donald Trump’s public Ethereum wallet and other aligned charities.

Similarly, the RFKJ Independence Token, although not formally affiliated with the Robert Kennedy Jr. campaign, has gained attention for its focus on decentralized political action. With its transaction-based revenue model and ongoing promotional events, RFKJ aims to balance fun with campaign awareness.

The Significance of PolitiFi Tokens

The rise of PolitiFi tokens indicates a growing interest in decentralized political action. Projects like MAGA Memecoin and RFKJ Independence Token showcase how digital assets can support political causes and mobilize support. The success of these tokens also suggests that the migration of users from Ethereum to Solana remains a significant trend in the crypto space.


PolitiFi tokens are gaining traction as a unique form of decentralized political action. The combination of meme-like appeal with real-world implications for governance and charitable causes makes these tokens an attractive area for investors and political enthusiasts. As Sarson Funds continues to monitor the development of these tokens, investors are encouraged to stay informed about the latest trends and opportunities in the crypto space.

Disclosures: Not investment advice. The Author, Sarson Funds, Inc. and its affiliated managers may hold positions in the projects mentioned. Talk with your financial advisor before making any investment decisions or have them contact Sarson Funds directly at


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