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Popcorn Launches Native App Sweet Caramel and Announces Programs with OlympusDAO and BanklessDAO

Popcorn Olympus Bankless

Popcorn, a humanitarian-focused DeFi yield generation platform, is bringing its ESG ethos to life with three major announcements that have circulated since their Token Launch Auction in December 2021: the launch of their native application Sweet Caramel, and partnerships with OlympusDAO and BanklessDAO.

The native app Sweet Caramel gives Popcorn users access to a suite of yield generating opportunities, one of which being Butter, a yield optimizer expected to launch soon that automates yield farming on a basket of tokens decided by PopcornDAO. Sweet Caramel has many different components to its functionality, including minting, claiming and staking Butter to optimize users’ stablecoin yield, alongside staking and liquidity provision opportunities across Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Arbitrum.

Along with the Sweet Caramel launch, Popcorn also announced a new partnership with Olympus DAO to participate in their Olympus Give program, which allows its users to designate 100% of their Olympus (sOHM) staking rewards to certain crypto-specific charitable entities, including Popcorn. Upon receipt of their Olympus rewards, Popcorn will automatically distribute the designated sOHM to the social impact beneficiaries determined by PopcornDAO.

Olympus DAO is a decentralized reserve currency protocol and also the pioneers of protocol owned liquidity, a concept and mechanism that took DeFi by storm in 2021. This partnership is exciting news for both Olympus and Popcorn, as two of the most cutting edge DeFi projects have joined hands to use DeFi to create positive global impacts.

Popcorn’s partnership with Olympus DAO was coupled with an additional relationship with BanklessDAO, another leading DeFi project whose mission is to “help the world go Bankless by creating user-friendly onramps for people to discover decentralized financial technologies through education, media, and culture.” Most notably associated with the “Bankless” podcast, BanklessDAO and Popcorn will be working together to educate the world on the socially-beneficial utility of Popcorn and Olympus’ partnership. In return, Popcorn will be distributing a portion of their POP governance tokens to the Bankless reserve to encourage Bankless community participation in PopcornDAO. Sarson Funds anticipates that the trifecta between Olympus, BanklessDAO and Popcorn’s collaborations will help distribute Popcorn’s social impact utilities to the broader crypto ecosystem and eventually the world at large.

Listen to the latest BanklessDAO podcast with Co-founder Michael Kisselgof.

“With these two new initiatives and the launch of the Sweet Caramel App, Popcorn is aiding a revolutionary shift in global systems through accessible DeFi products that align financial wellbeing with positive global impact. By incorporating positive impacts into the very foundation of the protocol, Popcorn’s DeFi primitives and products can be used to fund social impact and non-profit organizations,” said Michael Kisselgof, co-founder of Popcorn.

At Sarson Funds, we believe that blockchain technology will inspire a re-engineering of global infrastructures. From traditional finance and banking, politics and democracy, to humanitarian aid, we believe modern investors must pay attention to advancements in the technology backing their digital assets to discover how the crypto ecosystem is changing the world beyond their investment portfolio. As such, we believe that humanitarian-focused DeFi platforms like Popcorn will charge the next chapter of social utility for decentralized finance, and encourage social impact organizations around the world to adopt this technology in order to better serve their targeted communities.

For more updates on PopcornDAO, be sure to follow their twitter and Medium pages.

By Liam McDonald



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