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Popcorn partnered with Crypto Climate Accord and Vanderbilt

Popcorn Crypto Climate Accord Vanderbilt

Popcorn, a philanthropy-focused DeFi yield-generating platform, has partnered with both the Crypto Climate Accord and Vanderbilt University to enable POP users to earn yields on their crypto assets and make a real-world impact simultaneously.

Popcorn recently joined the Crypto Climate Accord (CCA), a private sector-led proposal for the entire crypto community focused on decarbonizing the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry in record time. Based on the Paris Climate Agreement, the CCA’s overall objective is to decarbonize the global crypto industry by prioritizing climate stewardship and supporting the industry’s transition to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

The Accord’s two main objectives include achieving net-zero emissions from electricity consumption for CCA signatories by 2030 and developing standards, tools, and technologies with CCA supporters to accelerate the adoption of and verify progress toward 100% renewably powered blockchains by the 2025 UNFCCC COP30 conference.

“Popcorn is committed to make the world a better place by joining the CCA in achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 and accelerating the adoption of renewable-powered blockchains by 2025,” said Michael Kisselgof, co-founder of the Popcorn Network, which already donates 2% of their network fees to carbon offsetting.

In addition to joining the Crypto Climate Accord, Popcorn has broadened its positive social impact efforts through their partnership with Vanderbilt Blockchain to construct a fund that generates scholarship money for students via Yield Farming with the POP token. Vanderbilt Blockchain is asking for an initial funding of 100k POP which can then be used to yield farm in the Popcorn ecosystem. Any rewards will be placed in a scholarship fund where it will be given to students.

The Popcorn scholarship fund at Vanderbilt could not only help students around the world be able to afford their education, but it will also promote the growth of blockchain technology utility, especially in universities. Popcorn’s partnership with Vanderbilt will model how universities can and should optimize the yield-generating opportunities within decentralized finance.

These two initiatives are just a few ways that Popcorn is working to build a better world through the crypto ecosystem. For more information, please visit ​​ To help Popcorn do good with DeFi, you can participate in the Popcorn Token Launch Auction, taking place Monday, November 29th. Access more info on the Popcorn Token Launch Auction, here.

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