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Quantum-Resistant Crown Sovereign (CSOV) Cryptocurrency Now Listed on Changelly Pro Exchange

changelly pro CSOV

Crown Sterling, engineers of the quantum-resistant cryptocurrency Crown Sovereign (CSOV), has announced that CSOV is now listed on the Changelly Pro digital asset exchange. Changelly Pro is a leader amongst global digital asset exchanges, providing instant non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange service for users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

The Crown Sovereign (CSOV) token is backed by quantum-resistant encryption technology developed exclusively by Crown Sterling. The Crown Sovereign embraces the next-generation security of One-Time Pad encryption, a crucial development for digital asset security as quantum computing threats grow stronger in the digital age. One-Time Pad encryption is one of the few remaining security practices that remain theoretically secure from risks presented by the evolution of quantum computers, and has yet to be adopted at scale due to the large storage requirements of previous iterations of the technology.

With their cutting-edge encryption products, Crown Sterling’s mission is to empower personal data sovereignty by providing consumers with technology that enables individuals to claim, protect and control their personal data. “We are excited about the expanding utility of our tokens: from Quantum Resistant Encryption and Messaging to NFT Collectibles and Mathematical Compression/Decentralized Storage. With CSOV, consumers will be able to NFT their own digital assets, including data,” said Robert Grant, CEO and Founder of Crown Sterling.

Sarson Funds believes that digital asset investors should be paying heightened attention to data security as the digital age unfolds. We believe that investors should educate themselves on the implications of data security, and how digital assets and blockchain technology can facilitate a more sovereign future. The future of digital assets relies on the re-empowerment of personal data security and sovereignty. Learning to navigate and benefit from the many utilities of the crypto ecosystem will be advantageous as the future becomes more decentralized and relies further on digital currencies and blockchain technology to facilitate global interaction and data transfers. For more on Crown Sterling and CSOV, join the community on Telegram, follow them on Twitter, and visit their website. 



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