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Star Atlas: Taking Web3 Gamers by Storm


Star Atlas

By: Jenny Mongan – Sarson Funds Gaming Analyst

As one of the first Metaverse movers on Solana, Star Atlas has come a long way…

Star Atlas is an upcoming open-world MMORPG, based in the year 2620 immersive space adventure and grand strategy themed NFT game. Developed using Unreal Engines Nanite technology, Star Atlas features breathtaking graphics full of cinematic exploration. In this Galaxy there are three factions of Alien races, Humankind, and sentient Androids engaged in an intergalactic conflict of control. Engaging in battles for resources, pursuing territorial conquest, and seeking political domination, players have the freedom to choose their roles. In doing so, they contribute to the restoration of order and opportunity across the galaxy, all while reaping rewards!

The breakdown:

$POLIS is the governance (DAO) token in the ecosystem. It gives authority over the in-game policies and politics. Holders may gain positions of jurisdictional ownership over entire regions, in-game. These holders of POLIS can create a set of laws that the other players must abide. However, the whitepaper shows that it is not dictatorial ownership. POLIS represents voting rights, allowing users to collectively make decisions together. Externally (or on the real-world side) from the game, Holders of POLIS have an opportunity to influence the game’s economics, asset release schedules, the direction of the game, and fundamental development of Star Atlas. POLIS tokens can be offered as in-game rewards and sold in private token sales   which can then be traded on secondary marketplaces.

$ATLAS is used as the in-game utility token. As a utility token, it is used to acquire in-game assets. It can only be earned through in-game activities or sales by other players and is primarily responsible for all the in-game economic interactions. These things include the purchase of spaceships, crews, mining equipment, and other digital assets in-game.

Available Mini Games

The showroom

Currently closed for pre-alpha testing, players with a game key may enter the showroom, providing a glimpse into future gameplay. The Showroom, located on the Volant Station, offers two fun and experimental ways to improve your flying and combat skills.


  • Battle waves of computer -controlled enemies (available to anyone)
  • Enemies attack in a range of ships with different levels of strength and speed
  • Players receive a score upon completing.
  • Scoreboard tracks current leaders and all-time scores.


  • Activate ground racetrack (available to anyone)
  • Players receive a score upon completion.
  • Separate leaderboards to track players’ scores against each other.
  • Scoreboard tracks current leaders and all-time scores.

Browser mini game

The browser mini game is the first release from Star Atlas, allowing Players to enter the Marketplace for the first time. Users can pick a faction, check leaderboards, enter the DAO, follow along with the Star Atlas graphic Novel “CORE”, and much more.

SAGE early access

Star Atlas recently released SAGE Labs, an early access 2D browser-based game and is playable in any Solana-enabled web browser. Explorers will build their characters, create fleets with their ships, and send these fleets into space to extract resources, which can be used to craft various loot including ships, land, and golden tickets.

“SAGE Labs is a precursor to an upcoming SAGE release titled SAGE: Starbased, which is poised to become the biggest fully on-chain browser game in blockchain history. Starbased will launch with complete 3D graphics, an expanded immersive gameplay and will feature around 20 fully on-chain complex Solana programs forming a real-life economic loop.” – Star Atlas

Learn more about: SAGE Labs

The blockchain and Star Atlas NFTs

As Star Atlas is an MMO, the team chose to build the game entirely on the Solana Blockchain for its fast transaction times and minimal fees, enabling users to play together on a large scale.

Star Atlas’ NFTs play a vital role in-game and are well known throughout the crypto community for their abundance, allowing users to invest early and start collecting rewards. These non-fungible tokens grant players complete control over their digital assets. The NFTs include mining equipment, resources, collectibles, spaceships, building structures, and more. Spaceships are essential to engage in Player vs Player (PvP) and Player vs Environment (PvE) modes. As they are one of the requirements for deep space exploration to collect resources across the galaxy.

Users can buy, sell, and trade their NFTs on the native NFT marketplace on Star Atlas’s platform. Star Atlas is built on the Solana blockchain having said that players will need to connect their Solana-supported wallet to the Galactic marketplace to purchase any NFTs on the platform.

All game assets are on-chain. With the game running on the Solana Mainnet, players will be able to use their spaceships and other in-game assets in real time.

Links to gameplay!

Enter SAGE here

Enter Star Atlas here

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