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Superior: Early Access With Web3 Opportunities

Most gamers in the DeFi space know it all too well; the Gala Universe is a kingdom of fun and success. ‘Fun First’ is exactly what Gala’s Gaming sector set as their goal, which must prove that they mean business. True gamers want to feel passion for their gaming; they want to become enveloped by it. Gala has expressed their understanding of the gamer passions and gamers around the world finally get to experience the possibilities.

Superior is a joint effort between Gala and Drifter, a gaming studio built by veterans who have worked on games such as Gears of War, Halo, Doom, and Call of Duty. Superior is set in a fantasy world where superheroes are transformed into evil abominations. Players will either fight solo or as a co-op team against these Superhero bosses and their armies of henchmen in an effort to steal their powers to save the world. Players can choose from a cast of characters with different looks and play styles. The game also provides opportunities to permanently customize their skills as they level up. There are endless combinations of different superpowers, weapons, items, and abilities to build and customize, giving each a unique path and build for their skill tree.

Gala and Steam are normally able to link together though one important thing to understand is that character progress in the Gala launcher will not sync with the Steam version of the game once the official release is launched. The characters in pre-launch will also remain separate from the different accounts although players are free to play with others across the two platforms. Steam allows full controller support offering players the opportunity to play one of the first web3 games available with their gaming controllers. 

Superior is available on Steam however users will still be required to have a 3rd-party account on Gala Games. Users may purchase the early access pass with a credit card on Steam or with Gala tokens in Galas marketplace. The access pass will allow access to the preseason content and also includes three characters. Users may also purchase an NFT prime character in Gala’s online marketplace.

 With the official release said to be available in the next couple of months, this violent and gory roguelite, third person shooter is currently available for its early access on Steam and Gala. The purchase price is $25 US at the time of this writing and is said to likely rise after early release. Since this new web3 game is in early access it is still being developed and tested by the community allowing the devs to reach perfection before the official release. Superior’s imagery is fascinating and quite beautiful. With the combinations of possible battle abilities, Superior provides endless entertainment when it comes to gameplay. For gamers who enjoy a never-ending challenge, this web3 game is the beginning of a new.

Written by Jenny Mongan

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