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This Week in Crypto: CBDC Updates, NFTs and the Metaverse, and Cardano Upgrades

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School is back in full swing, and so is the action in the crypto market.  This past week saw further developments with blockchain technology, central banks digital currencies, NFT collections and Metaverses that seem to just be getting started.

Digital asset adoption increases weekly.  NewsBTC reported on a recent Deloitte survey of 1,280 senior finance executives that 76% of them believe that digital assets will replace fiat in the next five to ten years.

Safety and security have also become  a high priority when it comes to protecting our digital assets. The launch of the Arculus™ cryptocurrency hardware cold-storage wallet provides consumers with a unique crypto cold storage experience, utilizing a 3-factor authentication solution, metal key card, and in-app management of users’ digital assets.

Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn Poker has arrived! Decentral Games announced their ICE Poker game which will allow users to earn ICE tokens by participating. Players are required to own at least one wearable ICE NFT to be eligible to play and earn. ICE tokens can be used to mint new NFTs. Players also have a chance to earn the $DG token, Decentral Games’ native token within Decentraland.  ICE NFTs are expected to be released sometime in October. As soon as we find out, we will let our readers know!

The much anticipated Alonzo hard fork on Cardano, which allows the blockchain to host smart contracts, is now live on the Cardano testnet. The native token of the Cardano blockchain, $ADA, has experienced a continued rally in price in response to this news, reaching new highs several times in the last couple of weeks.

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By Ivan Dimov



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