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This Week’s Catalysts for Crypto Adoption

Ukraine Crisis, Play-to-Earn and Data Sovereignty: This Week’s Catalysts for Crypto Adoption

It can be overwhelming to try to learn everything you need to know about cryptocurrency and digital assets all at once in order to be versed well enough and to be able to safely maneuver in the quickly materializing metaverse all around us.  Consider learning in steps – one step at the time. Learn it and practice it before moving onto the next.  

For example, start with understanding about the technology behind cryptocurrencies by asking yourself or other questions like what is a blockchain; what is a blockchain ledger; what the different work mechanisms such are as proof of work, proof of stake or even zero knowledge proof, just to name a few.  What are digital assets wallets and their differences: hardware; software; hot; cold; hosted?  Overwhelmed yet? The point is, learn at your own pace and try not to get overwhelmed. It is ok to take breaks and advance when ready.  There’s much to learn, but it’s still early. 

Interest in cryptocurrency by investors continues to grow. A newly released study by Broadridge, a financial services and technology company, showed that nearly half of investors (from 1,000 US investors surveyed) have either already invested in digital currencies or are considering doing so.  Andrew Guillette, VP of America Insights at Broadridge Financial Solutions is quoted saying “Advisors might be missing opportunities to connect with clients on crypto.”  Financial advisors may be one of the next catalysts for crypto adoption that is yet to proliferate. 

Almost as soon as the Russian President Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of dollars in Bitcoin donations started flowing into Ukrainian groups, continuing a trend since 2021.  Without making light of this undesirable situation, adoption of cryptocurrency is creating possibilities that would have been more difficult without the existence of blockchain technology.  Could this conflict be another catalyst for crypto adoption? 

As a slew of ‘play-to-earn’ games have been gaining popularity, a new online school based in Bengaluru, India aims to create a ‘learn-to-earn’ model of education.  The new system will allow students to earn points which will be convertible to a token and redeemable for scholarships and other education related expenses. 

Data has been driving major decisions by governments and institutions ever since data has been collected. The internet made that easier at the expense of the individuals using “free” platforms.  Decentralization and blockchains can give the power back to the people. Robert Edward Grant, CEO of Crown Sterling and Michael Ashley, owner of Michael Ashley Publishing, have partnered up to introduce the concept of DeCent – as in decentralization, via a new book entitled The Future Is Free(dom).  Quantum-proof encryption is about value protection. Crown Sterling is pioneering the future of the Digital Assets with their quantum-resistant encryption solutions.  Data and data sovereignty may shape up to be yet another catalyst for crypto adoption.

Recently we have been experiencing a softening in the crypto market compared to its value in fiat but, as the YouTube channel InvestAnswers says, there is provable evidence that institutions are heavily moving into the space. Data from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) shows numbers to have more than doubled with filings that pertain to Bitcoin.  

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By Ivan Dimov

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