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Crown Sterling CEO Robert Grant and Team Hold Community AMA

Crown Sterling AMA

On December 20th, Crown Sterling’s CEO Robert Grant came together with the Crown Sterling Research and Development team for an AMA answer the community’s questions about Crown Sterling’s Crown Sovereign Token. Crown Sterling has had several exciting updates in 2021, including the MainNet launch of the Crown Sterling Blockchain, a Polkadot Substrate, the launch of its native token on and HitBTC, and announcements of several exciting events happening for the Crown Sovereign in 2022, including the launch of their native wallet and NFT capabilities.

The Crown Sterling AMA highlighted new exchange listings for the CSOV token, the upcoming wallet release, quantum resistant NFT capabilities, and future compression technologies for their encryption products.

The AMA also gave Robert and the team the opportunity to address the communities’ questions about the functionality of the technology by providing in-depth explanations of their encryption technology and patents featured in their latest White Paper. The questions within the AMA included early submissions from the community via Telegram and questions collected from the livestream.

We believe that encryption technology will spearhead future innovation in the crypto ecosystem, especially as quantum computing capabilities grow more mainstream and hackers get more sophisticated, making mainstream data security practices vulnerable to breach. Crown Sterling is an industry leader in engineering cutting edge encryption technology, and Sarson Funds believe digital asset investors must keep a close eye on progress in encryption technology to ensure the safety of their digital assets. For more on Crown Sterling, please visit

Below, find the questions asked during the AMA and the team’s answers:

About CSOV and Crown Sterling Technology

What companies/industries do you see CSOV complementing?

When will CSOV be listed on new exchanges?

Would the CSOV in our Crown Sterling wallet/app be vulnerable to key cracks or is that database secured with One-Time-Pad?

Would you comment on trading from the wallet – is FMFW still the only viable exchange?

Could you develop a secure blockchain for elections?

When would you anticipate coming out with a mobile wallet?

Are you making NFTs on a different blockchain or could we mint on CSOV?

What is your daily volume now and how are you going to increase?

I loved that you hosted a token holder call, thank you! I am interested in your comments regarding Crown Sterling’s plans on releasing compression technology.

What ways will there be to stake and earn CSOV?

About Crown Sterling’s White Paper

Shorter keys violate Shannon’s famous bad news proof, what you have isn’t OTP (One-Time-Pad), but a stream cipher with non-cryptographic keystream generator function.

Why do you claim Elliptic Curve Diff-Hellman is secure against Short’s algorithm, when Shore also finds the period for hidden subgroup problem of elliptic curve discrete logarithm, breaking ECDH

So you claim irrational segment is a safe ECDH private value? Irrational primes are according to you, endless and non-repeating, so every possible private key will be in that irrational value?

View the full video here.

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