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Realms Of Ethernity: Polygon Backed MMORPG in the Spirit Of WoW

Realms of Ethernity is a next-gen blockbuster MMORPG which is a familiar take to experienced gamers. At first glance it seems as though it came right out of Blizzard’s 2004 World of Warcraft fantasy universe. With WoW as its inspiration, Realms of Ethernity has taken the traditional MMORPG fantasy graphics and storylines down the path into the Web3 and joined the decentralized bandwagon.  Followers will be provided a way to own their assets for as long as they desire them.  Realms of Ethernity will be free-to-play and is backed by Polygon for its fast and nearly free transaction capabilities.

Realms of Etherenity (RoE) has already released their Cinematic Trailer and later successfully launched their IDO and raised over $5 million in their seed round. Across all social media platforms, they have gained over 60,000 followers in as few as 6 months. With those numbers growing, their community has become strong and very supportive. RoE Game Studio, Wild Thunder, was founded in 2021 and is a collective of team members based in Vietnam. Wild Thunder’s focus in the gaming world is Emotion, Experience, and Exclusivity. This dynamic stems from their passion for the bond with their community to create the best experience for them.

In RoE players can take on the role of a fighter, a crafter, an explorer, a detective, and many other possibilities to fulfill their destiny. In-game users can choose their path and take on sets of quests. Destiny quests are a premium feature and independent from the original main quest system, you could possibly look at them as a DLC to the game. There are three paths of Destinies a player can choose to purchase and will be sold as a ‘Lunch box’ NFT. These three are, a Legendary destiny, an Epic destiny, and a rare destiny. Players can buy, build, and expand their claimed kingdoms where one can claim taxes from activities inside their kingdom walls and even go to war to conquer more kingdoms.

Communities will be able to work together to complete quests such as mining, fighting a boss, farming and many other activities to earn and split rewards.

Destinies will be available before game release.

Gameplay will be released in seasons. Each season will end in a war or a newly claimed kingdom. Each season’s ending will be determined by the players and begin the new season.

Recently dropped an NFT collection of Mounts called Wanderers. Wanderers will start off as pups and eventually evolve with better in-game attributes to assist players along their journey.

RoE Initial token raise was over $100 million yet was reduced to $12.4 million to be better suited to the market conditions of today. This reduced potential for short-term speculation and to promote long-term ownership of their token $RETH.

Players will be capable of customizing their characters.

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